So what's the chance of some promotional pricing for current users?

Hey everybody,

To be clear, I understand that the current Dreamhost promotional code stuff is only for new accounts, and what’s more I understand why it’s only for new accounts. The prices end up being crazy after the code is applied. Even so, I wonder whether Dreamhost might at some point consider running promotions for current users with slightly less insane discounts. I’m thinking something along the lines of add a year of service at the two or three year monthly price and so on or maybe an occasional 10 or 15% discount. Such a thing would make me feel slightly better about never being able to afford to pay far enough in advance, at least. :slight_smile:

Anyway, consider it a “feature request.” It would make a relatively happy user into an even more happy user.



I thought it was just me - I have been happy with Dreamhost for a couple of years. Ok there were issues a while ago but nothing much has gone wrong since.

My gripe is the same, offer all sorts of incentives to get new customers but get existing ones to pay for it. Not good business sense as it costs more to gain customers than keep your existing ones happy.

I have basic, simple hosting requirements but the response from support is always the same - no can do, is there anything else I can help with?

Well. fortunately for me, the holiday season mean I am at my quietest and expect very few emails - so half hour after my last brush off on Christmas Eve, my new hosting account is set up elsewhere and Im chatting to live support to make sure everything is being transferred ok.

So thanks Dreamhost, it was fun whilst it lasted but youve lost another customer for the sake of a little effort to acknowledge you had an existing customer. I was not asking for much but it seriously annoys me that you’re willing to keep my fees high in order to bring new customers on board. Perhaps a little more time considering your customer base and less time on those chummy newsletters would be beneficial. Or maybe I should just accept you dont want my business.

My advice for others? Do look at Dreamhost hosting costs but factor in ongoing costs, some hosting companies offer long term pricing - check them out, you may well be better off…I am.

I think that Dreamhost’s cost is fine for the features they offer. A couple years ago the competition was way behind. I don’t think they’ve caught up in terms of value for price even yet. Of course, like you I don’t use all of these features. I’m glad they’re there, regardless. The difference between Dreamhost and the cheapest competitor I’d come close to considering is on the order of $50US or so. (Note that my actual requirements are – as yours – modest.) In the scheme of a year’s budget it’s not so bad, but it’s a good chunk when I have to pay it. I’ve made the same evaluation before (though the competitors didn’t look nearly as good until this year). I stuck with Dreamhost then and I’m likely to do so again, but it can’t hurt to ask. I’m not suggesting to match prices with the cheaper competitors, of course, but even a temporary discount once in a while that brings them a little closer would be great. I might be convinced in such a case to pay for the next year or two before my current year is up. It would make the decision to stick around into the same no-brainer that was the decision to sign up in the first place.

Anyway, it really is the biggest thing on my “I wish Dreamhost would do this” list. I’m not sure the support group is the appropriate place to ask such questions, but then I’m not sure this is either. I guess we’ll find out. :slight_smile:


Hmm, by now I’m starting to assume that the answer is one of:

  1. We can’t do anything.
  2. We don’t want to come anywhere near that suggestion.

… or

  1. We haven’t noticed it yet.

I thought I’d reply again in case it’s the latter. :slight_smile: Anyway, if anyone who might have some kind of pull notices this, please give it some thought.