So what do you do when the primary account holder dies?

This is a serious question, so please bear me out and I hope someone from Dreamhost will respond to this.

We have an account for our site which has been with Dreamhost for well over 10 years. The primary account holder has died and today the account was suspended as the current month’s fees could not be charged to a credit card.

I have access to the secondary account on the Dreamhost panel, but I cannot access payment or anything which would allow me to get things working again as far as I can see.

So what do we do?

I’d like to keep the account and continue as before. If not then I’d like to get the domain moved to my personal primary Dreamhost account. Or at least, since the domain is still paid for until February 2014, have it forwarded to a new domain if that’s possible.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

This is, sadly, a situation that we’re familiar with. We have a procedure in place for handling it, which is detailed here:

The issue is that the person who has passed on did not leave any information which will allow me to contact their estate for such proof. I can prove I have access to the secondary account to manage the site, I can give the main user’s email and so on, but written proof is not possible because of the theme of the site and the possible repercussions therein.

In other words, to contact the family to obtain the information would be… difficult for the family and not advisable.

If nothing else Andrew, as the domain is still active, can it be redirected to another identical domain, save it is .org instead of .net?

In the end we are trying to at least make a switch over to a new site and hosting with DH as that appears to be what we will need to do if we cannot manage to pay the fees for the account at least.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts!

Oia. Yeah, I see how that could be problematic.

Please contact me privately (“email” button below my post) with details on what account this is affecting and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Thank you Andrew… I will write you shortly and thank you for caring…