So what are DH email services like these days?

I’ve been avoiding DH email for years. I’ve been very vocal here in the past about my displeasure at email being such a low priority here. But I’m setting up a bunch of sites now, and for the moment I just want to get email up, then deal with issues as they come. I want to give DH another chance - time goes by, management and personnel change…

I spoke with another DH client recently who is Very knowledgable about email services and I was stunned that he hosts his business email here. He said he hasn’t seen any problems in a long time. I’m inclined to accept that maybe things have changed.

But then I see this 2-month old note from respected member LakeRat: [quote=“LakeRat, post:4, topic:64089”] Dreamhost gets pretty routine blacklist inclusion. At the moment sub5 is blacklisted by “Ospam” an organization I know nothing about and didn’t Google.[/quote] When DH gets blacklist and an entire cluster of users gets taken down, that’s serious! When it can happen to that many people by a virtually unknown organization, that’s a huge liability.

I simply don’t understand the paradox here - Is DH still awful about getting blacklisted or not? Or rather… OK, if they do get “pretty routine blacklist inclusion”, is it resolved quickly enough to make it not painful when we’re trying to send out things like automatic site registration confirmations, newsletters, and manual emails for a small-business volume?

I’ve been a client of DH for 10 years. It’s extremely unlikely that I’d ever spam from my domains. But the increasing number of domains that I manage are all in the same risk pool as anyone who gets new services, perhaps for the sole purpose of spamming. Why doesn’t DH setup low-risk servers in a completely different Class B IP block with limited numbers of clients? Even charge us a bit for the privilege. Just put more distance between the malicious or accidental acts of amateurs, and the pain down through the channel that results from their antics. Accidents will happen on any server. But if DH demonstrates to the block list orgs that UCE is coming from a low-risk group, and that it is highly unlikely to be intended or persistent, then issues will be resolved more quickly, and our downtime and related pain will be much less than normal.


In regards to it working… it does the job and I use it for most of my websites.

But I did have an issue similar to what you wrote… I had just registered a new domain. Brand new. No history. Nothing.

I went to use the API of an email service and unfortunately, it wasn’t working. When I emailed DH to figure out what was up… the IP address of my website was blocked.

While the problem was never resolved, I ended up going with a whole different domain name for email services, hosted as well on DreamHost, which worked.

All my shops emails go to spam automatically. Forget it.