So, no backup power supply at DH?

[quote]you shouldn’t go waving your arms and shouting "Armageddon!"
if you lose one email. That’s juvenile, and definitely not professional.


And not happening.

[quote]In this instance DH supposedly had plenty of backup power
capacity standing by, but it didn’t make itself available.


Iri, do DH a favour and stay off their side.

I see that my services are up and running with minimal damage, most DH customers seem to be in the same boat as I, the recovery of majority of services happened in a relatively short amount of time all things considered, and the few stragglers are being brought up to speed as quickly as possible. I can certainly gauge how easily my services came back up, and it seems that most people are just experiencing slow sites. If you don’t have corrupt data, your recovery was easy.

Didn’t say it was…

I’m on no-one’s side but my own, and your opinions really don’t interest me anyway.

Pray tell me, chrisjj, you seem to have a lot of issues with Dreamhost. Why are you still here if they’re so bad in your opinion? I’d hate to think that you’re here just to stir trouble.

and if you think about it, 99% uptime means it can be down for 3.65 day/year. 99.9% is .365/days or about 9 hours, less than DH is usually down.

Well, at least now you’re somewhat speaking for yourself, unlike before. Now I have to ask, how do you know that the majority of services have been recovered? Many users are still suffering from slow sites and delayed/missing email. I’ve also heard of streaming not working. So when you say that “most DH customers” are not having any issues and the “majority of services” are restored and add that there’s only a “few stragglers” - do you have some facts to support it or are you just making it up?

He probably works for DH.

oh and my site is still very slow… ping is over 100ms.

To begin with, I’m sorry if I’ve come across as speaking for Dreamhost. I base my opinions on what I’ve seen here in the forums, and the tests I’ve performed via shell on our DH server. Of course, beyond that it appears that Dreamhost said services are back up. Besides that, how many people here have complained that their sites have been down in the past ten hours? Don’t count the number of posts, but the number of individuals posting reports. Each individual is potentially on one server, out how many?

Perhaps you’ve been holding back information contradicting Dallas? I think you should share it with us. Or are you perhaps saying that if you have problems, everyone must have problems?

Many users suffering from slow sites may or may not have anything to do with Dreamhost. Los Angeles connectivity in general has problems at the moment. My test in DH’s network show that at least the servers I’ve pinged are alive and accessible. People should not be missing any emails, unless DH’s mail server is completely dropping the ball. I haven’t lost any emails, although they’re trickling in slowly – as it should be. That’s the way email works; if the sending server can’t access the receiving server, it will keep trying for a while every few hours before it gives up.

No, I do not work for DH.

Funny thing, that. If I don’t partake in DH slam-fest wholeheartedly, I work for them. Y’know, if I hold back juuust a little, I must be in cahoots with them. Lovely. It doesn’t even enter your mind that I’m taking a bit more rational wait-and-see approach rather than screaming bloody murder if my site is slow.

Let me put it this way: if Dreamhost’s problems affect you seriously financially, chances are that you have a backup plan of your own. Your responses and reactions should be rational and calculated, not emotional. You should gauge Dreamhost’s response to this disaster, and weigh your continued patronage on that. If the reaction isn’t sufficient for you, leave. Simple as that. It’s not about emotions, it’s about business. If you cry about lost business, make a business decision.

As noted, they said everything was up but that was not the case. So we know their info is not reliable. Now they’re also saying that “many” people are reporting residual issues, so your statement that there are only a “few stragglers” is false.

You can’t be serious. You are gauging what’s going on with the majority of DH users by the number of people posting issues in this board? It’s a safe guess that the majority of DH users don’t post here.

I’m just pointing out that the statements you’ve made are either baseless, based on too little of information to accurately make the statements, or are now being pointed out as plain false by what DH is now saying.

Here’s a perfect example of you stating something that is misleading at best. DH said There is currently some network degradation within our data center that we are currently looking into.

As it should be? First off, the servers should have never gone down. Secondly, a day later the servers should be up and functioning normally. Instead, emails that are being sent today are still being delayed. This should not be the case.

Sometimes I have blonde moments…and today would be many of them!

Looking at our sites is fine for us. A little slow down, but not too bad. We are in Texas and Arizona.

But, when going to them from New York, Philly and Atlanta, we are having problems. We have two international sites, one very heavy with traffic. I can see the problems with these sites. Our local sites generally only have local users, so they aren’t a concern for me.

So, I finally GET it. It may be fine for us viewing the site locally, but our users in Canada and the East Coast are having problems. And, there are times that they get a connection failure, even though the site is up and fine for us.

I already have a support request in today (two other problems)…I imagine those of you having the slowdown issues have contacted support already??? I don’t want to flood them with the same ole requests.

Um, you are getting hysterical. I don’t think there’s much point in replying to your message, though I would appreciate if you didn’t build so many straw men. It’s disrespectful and annoying. As I said, if you’re not satisfied then leave. It’s a simple business decision, nothing more.

shad, have you identified whether the problem is with Dreamhost’s network or one of the carriers between them and the remote client? I have intermittent connectivity problems with sites in LA in general, like, so I think the carriers are having issues in general.

I debunk many of your statements, thus pointing out you don’t really know what you’re talking about, so you decide to make it personal by saying I’m “getting hysterical.” Riiiiight. That’s disrespectful.

And while we’re on the topic of disrespectfulness, lest not forget the many ways you’ve demonstrated that quality. Throughout this thread you’ve belittled those who are still having problems with their sites. You’ve stated there’s just a “few stragglers” even though we now know that’s not the case. You’ve spread misinformation, blatantly inviting information.

Now you’re telling me if I’m not satisfied I should leave. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the majority of my discussion in this thread has been simply to debunk your false statements, prevent the spread of misinformation and provide some defense for those with problems whom you’ve been attacking.

If you’ve got a problem with that, perhaps you should leave. It’s a simple integrity decision, nothing more.

Yeah, our trace shows this from AZ

to site A:
126ms 277ms 61ms
60ms Timed out Timed out

and here is to site B:
880ms 56ms 880ms
then it times out on my site (we have our own IP at this site)

I will add more from the other locations, but everyone went home : (

That was indeed the point I was trying to make. Thank you for restating it more clearly! :wink:



They offer the same features DH does and they are located in central U.S. Furthermore, their track record is pretty good concidering what ive read online. Atleast those guys have freakin phone support so I can acctually talk to a live human being instead of groping in the dark looking for answers. Ive learned my leason. Never ever be hypnotized by pretty graphics and flash animations on business websites…

god bless DH… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have attacked none of the people who are having problems, nor have I belittled their problems. Neither have I spread misinformation, nor have you provided information. You have passed hearsay and personal opinions as fact, which curiously is what you are accusing me of doing. Yes, I think you’re being hysterical; it would be much more productive of you to calm down and look at things objectively, but instead you start randomly flailing at someone who doesn’t share your panic. You grasp to every statement made by Dreamhost, and portray it in the worst possible light. In fact, you’ve basically called Dreamhost liars. That is not debunking, that’s simply defamatory.

My integrity is not in question. I have shared with you my experiences during this ordeal. I have also performed tests to see whether my hypothesis on what’s going on is correct, and so far everything has panned out. I have experience with situations like what Dreamhost is going through, so I have tried to assure you that things aren’t as bad as you and chrisjj seem to think. I have not been saying that nothing is wrong, which has been your favorite straw man, but rather that given the circumstances things could be far worse and that the worst is behind. You, on the other hand, have been busy providing not one iota of information beyond your own experiences, as well as attacking me when I have tried to provide you with an alternate perspective.

When I have suggested that Dreamhost’s professionalism depends on how they respond to these events, chrisjj has responded by strongly suggesting that Dreamhost people are incompetent rookies no matter what they do. I don’t see that being particularily productive either, especially since both of you seem hell-bent on staying aboard.

You people have serious psychological issues…

The fact of the matter is that this ordeal was unexpected. However given the fact that the company has gone through simillar ordeals in the past, they should have been amply prepared to recover from such disasters in a timely maner. Fabricated statments like “All our generators went down!” or “The main pipe line burst flooding our office” or “Our Backbone is fractured” is not going to cut it. Uncredible statments like these further degrade the company’s image. Most other hosting companies in the hardest hit areas are up and running full speed (eg powweb) yet DH is still fiddling with equipment while customers are being affected. How many disasters should they go through to sharpen up? in conclusion, DH must evolve quickly in adapting to unexpected mishaps like such power outages.

On the other hand we consumers must learn from such experiences as well. Learn how to throughly do your research before signing up for hosting. keep backups on disk. the more informed you are, the better off you will be with a more reliable hosting company. so it works both ways. they cant deliver quality service and we consumers are such idiots that we must choose a lowsy hosting company and then sit down and cry and moan like morans in discussion forums. lets learn from this exerpience and atleast try to coduct a more prosperous business in the future.

~best regards

Let’s do this point-by-point then.

Fact 1: You stated “It was easily recovered from” when the actual facts are the problem has yet to be recovered from. Stating that the problems have been recovered from is false. You even later effectively retraced your own statement.

Fact 2: You stated “Look at DirectNIC, the only ISP who stayed in business through the hurricane Katrina, and is still operating.” As noted, some of DirectNIC’s services did stop operating.

The rest of your recent post can be disputed with ease, just as the above statement. Maybe you should just own up to the fact that some of your initial statements were rash generalizations which resulted in them being fictional.

Serious pyschological issues…