So Lost


I am new to this and maybe over my head but i refuse to not teach myself. I was a part of a forum that closed. me and a few others decided we will reopen a new forum and just do our thing there. I set up a domain name with dream host. but couldnt get anything to work. so then i ended up going to websitetoolbox to “host” it and then somehow figured out how to have the site redirected to that site and now they are hosting my site but wth do i need dreamhost for if they dont host and if they do why cant i get it to work where do i go and urgh pulls hair out id rather do it all thru one place then bounce back and forth. i feel so lost. i came to dreamhost cuz i thot it did it all but i cant seem to do anything other than get my domain name and redirect to a site that works /sandpandaface

HELP please


you only need one host and one registrar. they can be the same or different. if you are paying for two hosts of the same website and using one to redirect the other, you’re paying 100% more than you should be paying.

cancel the one that doesn’t work.