So lost!

Okay I’m incredibly lost. I just bought a plan with dreamhost and want to set up a zen cart shop. I already have a website up and running on a different host. I want to set up my website at dream host before i transfer all my information. I foollowed the directions to make a mirror website but it won’t allow me to becasue the host i’m using (moonfruit) has everythign locked. They have a website designer and none of the information is transferable.

SO i’m starting from complete scratch. But where do I even begin?? I read the wiki support and found no help and also read the info on the zen cart page and can’t figure it out…

Do you want to try to keep the same domain name? If so, if you go in the panel and try transferring the domain to DreamHost, what happens? It appears to be registered in your name, so you should be able to transfer.

If you want to start fresh with a new domain, then choosing one and doing the zen cart one-click should be easy. After that it’s learning to add products, etc.

You’ll probably want an IP and SSL certificate before too long, or at least some way to take payments?

Have you downloaded and backed up as much as you can of anything you want to re-use from the old site: images, text, etc.

They hired more support help.
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Yea I already have a domain name that I want to use with dreamhost. I just wanted to set up my zen cart site at dreamhost before I send all of my customers there instead. I dont want to have any down time where my website is empty or filled with problems. How do I make a “test site”. or a fake site with dreamhost that I can then transfer my domain to.