So is everything fixed? or what

So… as I am aware the big change over was last night or something… now there is an issue with memory… jeez… what next?

My sites are still crappy and slow… seems like everybody else is in the same boat too.

Is this just all blag… has there really been any issues?

Seems to me like it’s one thing after another, trying to explain away just the same old, same old.

I heard mention of this on our local tech spot n the radio (UK)… it’s not going to be long before DH hangs itself if things don’t change.

…pff… I just want my sites to work.

A memory problem would be server-specific and not linked to a router replacement. Plus, I believe they said things would be monitored for 12 - 24 hours to be sure the network problem is completely solved, even though it seems that it is.

Are you on poprock? If so, I believe there was another thread that said there was going to be a memory swap.

Everything seems fine to me, and there don’t seem to be many complaints here after the upgrade, so I’m not sure why you think everyone is in the same boat.

If you’re not on poprock, you should probably send support a ticket if you haven’t already. Or maybe check the load average threads to see if anyone else reported a problem on whichever server you’re on.

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An “updated” post (posted one minute after your post!) does a pretty good job of explaining the status of the “attempted fix” - it appears the fix “didn’t take” - and they are trying again tomorrow night. I’m hoping they will have better result this time around.

Atlantic is the server, and to be honest I’ve seen no change.

I registered to chime in on this issue – not sure if it’s server specific or not, but my server is tanking.

[me@cortes]*[~/]$ uptime
15:26:15 up 5:30, 2 users, load average: 30.54, 29.94, 36.13

A traceroute was relatively responsive, but the server seems incredibly loaded (even tab-completion from a bash shell is sluggish!)

Thanks for (up to now) great service, DH.