So is Dreamhost essentially a no go for Wordpress hosting? Even DreamPress is bad

Sorry for the mean title but I am beyond angry and frustrated at the radically slow speeds of my Wordpress websites on Dreamhost. I only began noticing issues about a year and a half ago (been with them since 2008) but never took care of it because I only used my websites sparingly. Now however I want to launch a website I will update daily and everything I’ve done to speed up the site makes it slower because the issue seems to be the initial request to Dreamhost that hangs FOREVER. Apache resets help for 15 mins then it’s back. How crazy is this for a leading hosting provider???!!


Coming to these forums only added to my despair. People have been complaining about the Apache issue since forever and it’s STILL going on. I decided to throw down some money to save myself some headaches and signed up for DreamPress. The result? NOTHING.

First of all NOTHING has changed. I’m on DreamPress now but I don’t see any new options or anything, I feel like I just paid for new branding for my already deplorable hosting. there’s supposed to be a ‘varnish caching plugin’ according to live chat support but there’s nothing new in my Wordpress dashboard. My load time used to be around 7 seconds with the initial request taking up about shocking 5 seconds, and now that I’m on DreamPress the website load time is around 7 seconds with the initial request taking up a now simply dehumanizing 5 seconds. To make sure I compared this with another website I have set up with Wordpress populated with theme unit testing data and the load time is 7.91 seconds.

I installed Wordpress on ANOTHER Dreamhost domain I have, a clean install, populated with theme unit testing data, no plugins, but this time with “Speed optimization” and Cloudflare CDN hosting enabled from the Dreamhost back-end - the result? Load time, 11 seconds. Can you hear the Twilight Zone theme playing in your head?

I’ve been with dreamhost since 2008 when I first set up a stupid website with an animated gif of my best friend and I dancing to the tune of our own corny rap songs. For this purpose dreamhost was great. Now that I want to launch a serious enterprise I’ve come to realize that Dreamhost is simply NOT that kind of hosting provider.

Now of course it is possible that I’m the one doing things wrong, which I desperately hope to be the case - if so - PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME!!

Wow, did you actually post this a almost two months ago with no reply?

Well, just to confirm - you’re right. Dreampress isn’t the answer for wordpress installs. Dreamhost claims it is but they’ll always tell you it’s “something” about your site that’s causing the slowness.

I’ve deleted plugins, optmized, and done everything asked of me to solve these “issues on my site” but the speed never improves.

Listen, nothing is the answer if you want a website that does everything you want with absolutely no effort on your end. You can always go with a company like wix, but again, you will have a different set of issues.

Being a webmaster means that you have to do a lot of things yourself. Since lots of the rest of us are running successful WordPress sites on DreamHost, the problem is not DreamHost, but how you have your website set up.

Yes, but since we don’t know what you’ve done, how your website is set up, or your experience/comfort level with various aspects of webhosting, it’s impossible to enlighten you. For what it’s worth, you haven’t posted any questions on this forum other than this one. So you haven’t asked us anything about performance that we can help you with.

You’ve got to do your homework, stay up with things (because things behind the scenes always change—never let an email from your host go unread; always read their blog), ask good questions (and not just complain), and understand that sometimes things are beyond your comfort level but you’ve got to get your feet wet sometime. Also, do backups (frequently), take notes (lots and lots of notes), be sure to clear your browser and server caches (you’d be surprised how often that one is an issue), and be patient, both with yourself and with those trying to help you.

DreamPress is better, and faster, for the majority of WordPress sites. However. There are over 30k plugins at and it’s impossible for us to have tested each and every one with every setup of WordPress. So … yes. Many times plugins or themes are the root cause of exacerbating slowness on DreamPress, and shy of rewriting the code for you, we can’t change that.

What we do TRY to do is explain why it’s happening and present you with options. Whenever possible, we try to fix things on our end to accommodate specific code, but the beauty of WordPress is really it’s downfall.

If you compare DreamPress to our competitors, we could outright ban certain plugins. Instead, we’re taking this beta period as a time to understand how OUR customers use DreamPress, what they need, and use that to make educated choices for how much we can support without making things worse for everyone :frowning:

For a super fast test, check your site out at

If it says NO, then that’s why it’s slow. And that’s what I spend a lot of my day doing, trying to figure out why and how to fix it.

I will note, it’s not always bad code that causes that to happen. Sometimes GREAT code has requirements that just won’t play well with all types of caching :frowning: