So, I want to move 1 file from 1 ftp to my own

I want to move files, namely patches for games me and my “clan” play, from 1 server to another.

For example, i want to move the CoD_1.5_patch.exe from an FTP in New Zealand to my FTP in Aus, but its blocked.

How do i go about un-blocking my FTP so I can get patches on there, so when a new patch comes out I can move it to my own hosting, and then me & my clanmates don’t have to share the file with hundreds of others, and thus get it much faster.

Any help on this? I would really like this set up so i can copy+paste files into the ftp for us. :\

Why not just download the file to your computer, then upload it to your FTP?

Because Im dialup.

Thus, uploading a 50mb file would take roughly 5 or more hours, and downloading it, would take the same, if not less because Im getting it from a host which is shared with so many hundred of other users all trying to get the same file.

As you can see, its a terrible waste of time unless I could simply go between servers.

There are FTP programs that allow you to have 2 simultaneous FTP sessions, so you could do FTP<->FTP rather than FTP<->pc and pc<->FTP.

I can highly recommend Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare 2. This program can handle FTP and many other very useful tasks such as comparing files, folders, images, etc.

There is a 30-day full evaluation version. If you like it, please support the developers of this great tool by purchasing a license. It’s only $25…

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