So I stopped cloaking a domain

Where did all the files associated with the cloaked domain go?

You realise cloaking just displays the contents of another web site in a frame? So if you had a site and made it a cloak of so the actual files are on wherever is hosted…

I am aware of that. But it turns out already had files on it did not, and now that I don’t want to cloak the domain anymore, it would seem as if everything previously on got wiped out.

Is it possible that you set the domain to a different FTP user or to a different path than it was using before? We don’t get rid of anything automatically like that, so chances are that it’s just somewhere different from where you’re looking.

Right now I’m getting this error:

Domain Cloaking Error
We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain!
Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domains > Manage Domains area and click the [Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

Error: no domain – if you recently set this up, please wait up to one hour.[/quote]

It’s been more than an hour now and if I try to access the WebFTP service I get the following message:

All I did was click “Remove cloaking” so I’m not sure how I could have messed with the FTP config. In any case, how do I get it back to what it was?