So... i have no clue what i'm doing

I’ve never had a webserver before or anything, and all I want to do is have it so I can upload stuff via FTP and then users can browse to or whatever and download from a list of files.

although it’s simple I seem to be completly lost. my domain is and I have an index.html but the page still 404s.

Make sure you uploaded your index.html to the folder named


Yes, I have an index.html in my root dir but it still 404s? I just made a text file saying “hello” then renamed it index.html (for the time being)… should it be something different?

even if you have an index file in you will get a 404 if you are sending people to if there is no index file in that directory. The files won’t be listed for users automatically (some hosts do this by default but not all) so you might have to get a script that will generate the indexing of the files in there for you.

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How long ago did you register or make domain changes to the site? I’m showing the entire site not being found…not just the index page.

I registered it yesterday evening (about 16 hours ago). I got about 100 emails saying everything was up and running…