So... How's Ubuntu working out for you?

I have nothing against ubuntu. But ever since we all moved to ubuntu servers my sites became slow and unreliable. Then there is this VPS promotion going on. So I figure I should go VPS for more reliability.

It’s not working out so far (still crashing a lot). Everything, Coincidentally , I feel happened around the time we switched to ubuntu servers (early November). Or heck maybe my sites are popular during the holidays. LOL

-Im a loyal Dreamhost customer - going on close to 8 years now. Never had problems. So when I noticed this turn of events…I have a lot to compare it to is all.

It may not be Ubuntu/new server related -…but I wanted to find out if anybody else has noticed a decrease in speed/reliability since the beginning of November or thereabouts?


Your mileage will vary depending on what you are running. Since you have not indicated what you are using (HTML, PHP, or a CMS of some sort), it’s really impossible to compare apples and apples.

FWIW, I run mainly WordPress (always updated) on PHP 5.4, and a few sites that are pure PHP/HTML. No issues.

adding to kjodle’s excellent remarks…

Sites do require maintenance as well. Sometimes updates cause plugins and themes that used to play well together, not to anymore. Same as the fine tuning required when you originally set the site up. If the site gets sluggish then you have to go back into fine tuning mode and figure out why.

Without more information tho, no one is going to be able to offer constructive help… Well save the half-elf with a green name, she has god-like powers to see things unknown to us mere mortals =]

I guess I should have just made this a poll type question.

Thanks for your responses.
If you haven’t noticed any changes in your service since the change over - that narrows down it for me. I guess I just associated a slow down with the timing of the move. I wanted to make sure that wasn’t a factor. (IF I had suddenly got a few responses that said “Im slow too! This changeover sux!” well then that would be a different matter.) I suspected UBUNTU wasn’t theissue though.

Most of my sites are static html5/xhtml/css - BUT- it is the holidays and a few of them are getting quite a bit of traffic so I think I finally outgrew a shared server.

------Now I have since moved to VPS and looking into configuring that to see if that helps- :wink:


Other than the downtime when changing over, I haven’t noticed any difference. In fact, the past year or two of shared hosting has been so smooth that I almost forget about it. That’s in sharp contrast to my first few years of hosting where downtime was very common. The key for me was to keep requesting a server move until I got to one which was stable. In my limited experience, your experience is more likely influenced by your neighbours, or yourself if you are a bad neighbour, than the OS of the server.