So here's a question


I received my Blingy account credit a few days ago. Let me tell, you - awesome! I don’t know any other host that would give me 3 months worth of credit because their software vendor sucked. My bud’s host wouldn’t install phpMyAdmin.

So, the credit is on my account now, all $29.85. I have two questions:

  1. Am I capable of using this money, even though it was paid as “hosting credit”, towards the Files Forever program? I’m talking - both uploading my files, and purchasing others.

  2. Would it be within ethics and / or what DH would consider appropriate to use this cash towards Files Forever?

It’s not as if I’m using the thirty bucks to open an account with 1and1 so I can not have phpMyAdmin, but it was given for a separate matter.

Thanks for opinions / knowledge… I’m on Blingy, I’m new!


I think it would both be appropriate and ethical to use it towards whatever you want to use it for. I think of it like a refund for the hosting fee that was paid during a time when people weren’t getting that great hosting services - though obviously not quite as good as cash.

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Thanks! Just wanted to get another opinion.

So, this credit will work towards that?


I’ve never used Files Forever. I’d guess that it would definitely work for uploads since you’d be uploading it from your own account. Presumably downloads are tied to the same account as per this snippet from the wiki:

But as I said, I’ve never used Files Forever so I’m not speaking from experience.

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Hey, it is great to hear that! It is good to see DH taking care of us.

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