So here I am going nuts then i see this

I never received a e-mail from Dreamhost and now one of my site is GONE. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?. My site was working fine this morning but i get to work and see this hacked accounts issues at Digg and when i go to see my site is completly gone.

What’s Dreamhost doing about it ? ( yes i already emailed support)

If you overlooked the other threads already open on the subject, could it be that you also overlooked the email they sent? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t get an email either. Nada. Just have nothing where my site used to be…

i didn’t over look the other threads and believe me i didn’t get no e-mails at all. What i really find strange is that once i go to manage my domains, there’s one there which is the one i cant access that says that is not fully hosted when just this morning it was.


try this

go to your web admin panel
then go to domains >> manage domains

then under your site:
Fully Hosted / User: yourusername
Edit Delete

select edit

don’t make any changes, just select the button
Change fully hosted settings now!

see if that brings your site back up…if not, let support know.