So frustrated... Help!

I’ve used ftpcore to upload a folder consisted of a html file and two swf files. It is a flash presentation.

Now once my file is uploaded to the server I see my labled folder as well as the logs, Maildir, and the <…> folder.
When I go to preview my site a screen that lists the directory popped and I could see my labled folder.

Now today after experimenting with the upload it says this link appears to be broken. Not sure what to do.

I even renamed the html file index to see if that would solve it still didnt work.

What am I doing wrong??

I’ve done this in the past with GoDaddy and it took a moment because I had to rename it index and put the folder in its root folder or parent directory.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

When you FTP in, you should see an folder with your own domain name. Your files (not the labeled folder containing the files) go in there.