So DreamHost, what happened to you guys?

I mean, are you going out of business?
Lost too many staff to do anything new?
Lost people who knew how to manage email servers?
Lost anyone with a clue who could post in a forum?
Lost the passwords to update the wiki?
Lost anyone who knows how to maintain your new Discus forum?
Lost everyone who cares?

Do I have any immediate and unresolved issues? No.
I’m writing this because I see the same kind of issues from others posted all the time, with no more feedback from intelligent people like @smaffulli (and I know he’s no longer there).

After 12 years it seems to me this company is at an all-time low, abandoned, out to lunch, in automation mode and just collecting monthly dollars until it’s time to close the doors. I’m considering other options, moving to another host.

If that’s not the case, please explain why - and that doesn’t mean empty “we’re fine, have a nice day” replies.

The only thing good about this is that I don’t think I’ve seen one of your useless email newsletters in months. Yay, thanks.

Dreamhost support used to response faster in the earlier years.

Been with Dreamhost for closing in 12 years - for the 1st time I had to visit these support forums for help on being “locked out of my webpanel”

Does Dreamhost not care anymore? Actions speak louder than words, and there ain’t no words, neither action.

Always on time when Dreamhost invoices arrive, but I do not experience the timely reciprocals anymore.

Should I stay or should I go?

Maybe I should just slam the doors tight like a Duracell rabbit marching to these deafening Dreamhost walls.


Ain’t nothing like a nightmare of hosting dreams.

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