So Dreamhost lost data from ALL of our sites?

Yesterday we noticed that we were getting a bad httpd config error on each and everyone of our websites hosted with Dreamhost. We have a handful of them.

I notified DH through a support ticket, and while I did this I moved the most important site to more reliable hosting we had.

So DH get this ticket, they try go to the important site above and notice it’s alive - so they fill out the support ticket saying they played with the configs and it’s all back. Wrong - they didn’t do anything, and obviously didn’t check the account.

I let them know this, and their reply is that the NS settings for only one of our domains isn’t pointing to DH (correct, but that isn’t the cause for the issue as DH was proposing). They also allege that none of our sites had data as we hadn’t uploaded any yet.

Some of these sites have been there for 2 years+ at this point.

I replied again letting them know this, and basically asking WTF are they doing - and finally a reply saying yes our entire account has an issue and they had sent it to someone else.

Every single site has had an outage for over 24 hours at this point, where is DH? Does anyone at DH actually do any work? Care about the kind of support they are providing? How technically competent do you suppose you would need to be to check a clients account and see that every single website they have has the same problem?

What makes this all the more humorous is to read the DH blog and posts like this:

Looking to host with DH? Don’t. Already host with DH? Make sure it’s nothing important. DH are far too busy playing around in pirate hats being cool to provide a decent hosting service.