Snow Leopard Exchange Support

I recently upgraded to snow leopard.

I can access mail via pop3.

But is there a way to setup a Dreamhost exchange server to make use of the new Snow Leopard mail features?

DreamHost doesn’t run an Exchange server. What mail features interested you? You might consider running IMAP instead.


I don’t know what’s available. I’m just using pop3 at the moment.

It would be nice to keep mail on the server so that my laptop and desktop access the same email.

What is IMAP?

If you want to keep your laptop and desktop email in synch, IMAP is the way to go.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

My question is what dreamhost services do I need to configure to run an IMAP server?

Here are the instructions for IMAP setup. IMAP is available by default on the DH servers. It’s just a matter of properly configuring to use it.