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I’m very interested in setting up the sNews PHP blog, but I don’t understand how to set up the tables per their instructions here:

I’ve created the database with name and login/pw via the Dreamhost MySQL frontend, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to do the above with the phpMyAdmin interface, if at all (number of fields). Command line?

Any help is appreciated, since this is my first time really working with a PHP/MySQL database.


Open phpmyadmin by putting your MySQL database hostname into your browser.

Fill in the username and password you just created into the browser challenge box that appears.

Phpmyadmin now opens.

At the top left is a drop-down box under ‘Database’, select your newly created database.

In the right hand frame of phpmyadmin at te top you will see a tab called ‘SQL’. Select this tab and a box will open up labelled ‘Run SQL query/queries on database xxxxxxx:’

In a new browser window/tab go to and use your mouse to copy from:-

CREATE TABLE articles (…

all the way down the page to

…‘system_name’, ‘Site Admin’);

(Make sure you capture that very last semi-colon)

Go back to your phpmyadmin page you have opened and paste in the copied text into the box.

When it has all pasted in click the button labelled ‘GO’ at the bottom right of the open ‘SQL’ box.

With good luck and a following wind all the tables will be created and listed in the left frame. You may have to refresh the left frame so try clicking in the drop-down box to select ‘Information-Schema’ then reselect your database from the drop-down again.

Hopefully there will be no errors but you might just get phpmyadmin declare an error.

I’ve not tried snews so I do not know how well you will get on.


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Thank you, Norm! :slight_smile: Worked great.