Snatching expired domain names

I wanted to know if anyone had any insight into getting domain names that expire.

A guy (not a dreamhoster) has had one for several years, but the page hasn’t been updated since 2001, so I hope he’s not paying attention or have automatic renewal. It expires in a few weeks.

How quickly can one pick up a domain once it expires? How does one go about this?

Does domainatron offer some sort of watch service or is there a way I can do this myself? I’ve seen some snatcher service at Verisign, but it’s pretty expensive for such a speculative endeavor.

I apologize if I sound like some sort of blood-thirsty pirate- I’m not.


There is a whole industry of snapping expired domain names! And paying for $49-69 for a “snap” is no guarantee. If that name is not particularly “hot”, you might want to wait for about 60-75 days (now with the RGP thing) after expiry and bet your luck. Mark it on your calendar and keep monitoring it on a daily basis. Or you might want to check if there’s already a “snap” on; if yes, then forget it. Amateurs have no chance outbidding the pros. Buy and sell pre-owned domain names commission-free Domains & DNS Forum