Hello. i cant access snapshots. I am following the instructions found here: . I am using the panel based FTP client. I keep on getting an error saying "The directory /cd .snapshots does not exist or could not be selected, so the directory / is shown instead. " Thats in IE. In FF, i get a pop up window which leads no where. Any suggestions?

That indicates that the hidden snapshots directory feature isn’t available. You’ll need to use the procedure outlined at Snapshot Data Restoration for a Domain via our Control Panel instead.

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There’s no such thing as “/cd .snapshots” On old servers, it’d just be /.snapshots if you’re in FTP, or /home/USER/.snapshots if you’re using SFTP. The “cd” part of it is a change directory command.

On new servers, there is no more .snapshots in home directories. Maybe the wiki entry that Atropos7 linked to is the new setup for all users. I’m on the old system with .snapshots, and the options that wiki article show up for me. Dunno about people on the new systems.


Thanks for the link to the procedure. However, it seems limited as it only gives me 3 choices for restoral. With the .snapshots feature (which according to Scott may not be available to new sites anymore), you could select a backup and nail it down to the hour. With this new procedure, its 3 very wide ranging backups. I actually tried to use it anyway and it sent me an email saying there are no backups for my site! Maybe this is why .snapshots was not working for me.