According to “Automated domain snapshots”, there should be a hidden directory .snapshots. Am I understanding this correctly, because I am not able to cd to it.

That should be correct. Make note that it’s a hidden directory that won’t be listed in a directory list, and you can’t use tab to autocomplete for this direcotry. But you should be able to type it out and get the directory:

“cd .snapshots”

If that’s not working, make sure you are using the appropriate user who owns one or more of your domains. (check in the Panel > Manage Domains) If all else fails you should contact support.

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It works for me in SFTP, FTP, and shell. If I were you I would contact support.

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One other thought…make sure you are attempting to cd into it from the proper directory, or prefacing the directory name with the full/correct path.

.snapshot directories live in your “base” user directory (/home/yourusername) not in the domain name directory. :wink:


cd ~/.snapshot

will do the trick as the directory is named “snapshot”


Also ~ refers to your home directory.