Snapshot - working?


I’ve read on the wiki about the regular backup process that takes place, and have used the .snapshot directory before. I’ve just changed into the .snapshot directory for my domain and it’s empty. does this mean that there are no backups for my site?


I’m wondering if you are actually in the right place, as the “.snapshot” directory is a subdirectory of your user, not of your “domain” (as in /home/youruser/.snapshot rather than /home.youruser/yourdomain.tld/.snapshot).

If you are, in fact, in the right place and that directory is empty, I’d suggest you submit a support request; my hourly.0 and .1, nightly.0 and .1, and weekly.o and .1 directories are all properly in place. :wink:



I have .snapshot directories located in all my directories, not just in my /home/user directory. Remember that the .snapshot directories are invisible unless you actually access them.

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Well, now that you mention it, so do I! :open_mouth: Strangely enough, I never even looked in each dir, as they were all available under my /home/user directory…thanks to your post, I went and looked and there they were.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



:slight_smile: No problem!

Snapshots are such a great feature. Recently I deleted some files at another host and had to wait the whole day for them to retrieve the files from backups. (Yes, I should have had backups in the first place. :blush: )

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