Snapshot config

i’m trying to replicate dreamhost’s set up of rsnapshot so i can execute a “cd. snapshot” from any directory…

been googling for how to do it but have had no luck. anyone have any ideas?

DreamHost doesn’t have (or need) rsnapshot. But you can always execute “cd ~/.snapshot” to get into your snapshot directory.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?


oh… i want the same type of setup for my ubuntu box…

Snapshot is a feature of the NetApp filer they run here. Being a network storage appliance, it is its own operating system and has complete control over its contents.

NetApp knows that whenever a file changes or gets deleted, it needs to periodically keep a copy of the old file in the .snapshot directory. It doesn’t waste space by backing up stuff that still exists in your directory. It can be configured to keep a reserve of 10% (or so) of total disk space for the snapshots.

rsnapshot is just a regular backup system that does a full backup, then incrementals. You won’t get an authentic “snapshot” system until someone adds that to the Linux kernel. Now if rsnapshot could skip the entire Full Backup, then you’d have a similar setup.


thanks for the background info so i guess the question i need to ask now is…

can rsnapshot be configured so i can execute a “cd .snapnot” command from a snapshotted directory…

i.e. currently i have to enter
cd /var/cache/rsnapshot/daily.0/home/user/dir

is is possible to navigate to rsnaphot from any snapshotted directory with cd .snapshot/daily.0
and i would effectively be in “/home/user/dir” subfolder

In Linux/UNIX, you can always ‘cd’ to an absolute directory, as you show in your example in /var/cache

Not being an rsnapshot user, I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but I’d guess it’s a command line utility where you specify the source and destination directories and then just let it run.

From what I’ve seen on the rsnapshot website, it’s a bit more basic than NetApp’s snapshot utility. Snapshot is configured to run hourly, daily, and weekly backups, and retain the last two backups of each. rsnapshot makes no distinction as to what the increment is, so it’s not as smart:

NetApp Weekly knows to backup all changes since the last weekly. Same goes for Daily and Hourly. Rsnapshot just backs up all changes since the last backup, regardless of how long it’s been since the last one.

The difference is that rsnapshot will take up more space since it incrementally saves all changes as you go along with no option to delete any midterm backups.

Given how inexpensive storage is, it’s still a nifty utility. It’s kind of like Apple’s upcoming Time Machine where it’ll let you go back to any scheduled point in time since the full backup to recover a file.


i think i’ll leave it be… rsnapshot probably the best i can get my hands on without forking out $$