Snail SSH

Hello, I’m having trouble with lag times in my ssh connection. After writing my password and pressing enter key it takes something like 10 minutes to give me a prompt. Same thing happens after entering each command, i.e. enter a command, wait 10 min, enter another, wait 10 min for prompt to appear.
I’m using putty in windows with zonealarm active configured to allow port 22.


Have you looked at your pings and traceroutes?


rlparker’s suggestion is a valid one, but if you connection to DH is normally fast and you’re only having problems with SSH it’s most likely due to a large number of E-mails in the inbox associated with the user you’re logging in as.

After you log in and after every command you give is executed, a service checks your inbox to see if there’s any new messages.

To see if this is the problem you can either clear out your inbox, or a better solution is to log into SSH and edit your .bash_profile

nano .bash_profile

and insert this line after the text in that file

Press ctrl-o to save the file, and ctrl-x to exit. Now log out, and log back in - and with luck your problem is fixed.

Hope this helps.

–Matttail - personal website

Tons of thanks. That lag was killing me and works perfectly and fast now.

That certainly is an interesting thing to know. I wouldn’t have expected that but it makes sense.

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