Smugmug Domain Name

I am having troubles translating this tutorial for using a dreamhost domain name on my smugmug account. Has anyone done it, and can you offer any pointers?


Step 1 here would be to set up a Fully Hosted placeholder subdomain, just so you have access to DNS for your domain. Once that’s done, go to Domains -> Manage DOmains and click the DNS link next to your entry. Scroll down a bit until you get to the Custom DNS record section. Type in www for for the name, CNAME for the type, and for the Value.

You can try their A record entry, but that might be uneditable here.


Thanks Scott,
I used [photos] instead of the [www] and to this point it is not working. I did this last night so I would guess that the records across the net have updated. It is still not working.
The next question is do I need to use [www], or can I use [photos]?
and can I use [@] if I don’t want use [www]?

How do I test to make sure that is pointing to … telling me the problem is on their side not Dreamhost?

Thanks Again!!

Think I have the answer, have not tested yet but my domain is held by dreamhost, and another company hosts. I will go and make changes at the company doing the hosting.

Thanks for your prompt help!