SMTP user name and password problems continuing

We are still having problems with the password-checking system. Is this a widespread problem? Seems like it it been happening to me and several of my clients that host with DreamHost for two months now. It’s maddening.

Has anyone heard of any progress getting this resolved?


I’m not sure how widespread it is, but we’re also having the same problem. I really hope they get it fixed soon, it’s getting annoying.

We are also having problems with sending mail. We can receive ok, but we have been unable to send mail. We get a msg that says our passwords are incorrect. So far 3 people in my organization have reported problems.

Yep I’m still having issues every single day with our smtp server. I finally just set up an internal local smtp server on our primary machine and changed everyone’s clients to reflect the local ip. Seems to work great now… Dreamhost is going to run off a lot of people with their faulty servers.

I am having the same issue. I cannot create a new email address that will work on the smtp server.

I have multiple domains hosted on the one account. Is it possible the authentication is getting confused between domain smtp servers?

Has anyone heard of any resolution?


Suddenly the smtp server started authenticating properly again (I did nothing to fix it).

I’ll wait to hear from support what happened.

I’m having the same problems almost daily now on all 3 of my email accounts. I’m starting to get very frustrated about this as my business is suffering!!!


I am getting reports of the “Queue file write error” on sending. I haven’t had any problems myself but one Outlook user is reporting this today.

Here is what I heard:
From support:

Ok, sorry for the delay there. It looks like a recent change to our SMTP
auth code made it so that updates weren’t always happening. All has been
fixed now, and I was able to test your addresses and saw they were