SMTP swallowing my messages

I just signed up and I’m trying to set up an Outlook mail account. First of all, I’ve been using Outlook for some 10 years and I’ve been configuring webhosting (both reseller and “regular”) for some 5 years. Meaning I’m not a total newbie.

I can receive POP mail, but when I send, the message goes into cyberspace and gets lost there. It’s never received (I use a gmail account as the recipient).

I’ve configured the account both with email address and mail user (m#######) as SMTP user. No difference.

I’ve set up SMTP port to 25 and to 587. No difference.

SMTP server doesn’t report any errors, unless I try no user at all.


Well, it suddenly started working. Have no idea why.

It seems that Dreamhost SMTP server is blocked by Site5. If you want to see the whole story, please check this thread: