SMTP settings



I apologise for the ignorance I’m about to show… I’ve done so much reading on hosting your own blog over the past week that my head aches.

I’m hosting a WordPress site on Dreamhost, and WordPress emails (like comment approval notifications, etc.) are not coming through to my personal email address which I’ve registered correctly on WP’s settings.

WP staff have suggested a plugin into WP, which requires I enter:

SMTP host
SMTP port

For host, it suggests localhost, or “If ‘localhost’ doesn’t work for you, check with your host for the SMTP hostname.” For port, 25. I’ve tried 587, but it still doesn’t work.

What is the correct SMTP host to enter, if localhost is not?

I have secure connection prefix set as SSL. I don’t even know what a lot of this stuff means, so I feel in way over my head, but I’d simply like to get this plugin to work so I’m receiving notification emails from WP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



Host should be mail.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM port 25 without SSL or 587 with. SMTP at dreamhost also requires authentication for ‘user’ or ‘mailbox’ or ‘login’ use your full email address… like and for password the password to that email account.

There are a number of smtp related help pages in the wiki…

That said, you might want to open a ticket with support too. I’ve had alot of email problems over the last couple days, they seem better now but there might be lingering issues.


Thanks, LakeRat. I’ll give that a try, but I may open a ticket as well.

I assume you mean open a support ticket with Dreamhost? Do you think the trouble might at their end (as opposed to WP, who have a history of email problems on their forums). I might do this, if that’s the case.

Ahh… this worked! Thanks, LakeRat!! I thought I tried every combination of things but I kept leaving out the for the username, because the plugin automatically filled my correct username in (without the rest of the address). Thanks a million!