SMTP Server?

If your domain and hosting plan comes with mail log-in support and stuff like that what SMTP server does it use?


The outgoing mail server (SMTP) is the same as your incoming mail server -

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Err how can I enable relaying? I want to be able to send emails from just an SMTP connection without having to login or auth.

Whenever I run the command rcpt to: it wont let me because relaying is not enabled.

If I can turn relaying on somehow, I am pretty sure it will then let me send emails.

If anyone knows how to do this, please explain, I will be very greatful!


I believe that Dreamhost has things set up so you have to log in to send out E-mails. This prevents spammers from using your account to send out thousands of E-mails and getting your account suspended.


In other words, you need to use SMTP authentication. Your mail client should have options to include username and password when it talks to the SMTP server. Or you can get hardcore and telnet to play with AUTH yourself :slight_smile:

So when I use the AUTH command how would I login?

I tried “AUTH Login” and just a bunch of random letters came up. How would I access the email account via SMTP with auth?


The real answer is to just set your mail client to use SMTP authentication and fill in your username and password.

If you want to read about the SMTP AUTH syntax, see RFC 2554.

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Thanks man, I think I got it working now.