SMTP Server

I can’t seem to send mail through outlook express. I’ve got the information correct as far as I can tell. I can receive just fine, but when i send it says cannot find server. I’ve tried both, and my mailserver: I am thinking it might be my firewall, but I thought i’d ask if anyone else was experiencing problems either.

I forget if sympatico blocks port 25, but see the article about that in kbase. Specifically, see if using your ISP’s mail server or changing the port to 587 (for outgoing mail) in your mail client fixes this.

Oh - and ps - while you’re at it, read the “Should I use Outlook / Outlook Express” article in kbase. If you must run OE, make sure you have a good virus scanner and keep your system up to date.

Sympatico definitely blocks port 25. (Or at least they did when I was a customer a year or two ago.)