SMTP Server options cheaper than Gmail?

When I send email from my dreamhost server using PHP’s mail command, much of it gets blocked as spam. Netzero, aol, juno, hotmail, yahoo, and others all block my mail as spam. Occasionally some mails goes though for awhile, but eventually it’s blocked again. It’s a nightmare. I tried in vain to get my IP unblocked, but it’s futile. This has been going on for many years for all my sites. I don’t have any hope that DreamHost can really fix it with all the other users on my shared server sending spam, apparently. So, I need a more reliable smtp server to use. I was just about to set up Gmail (Google Apps) with my domain, as others have suggested on this forum. But now…

Google just dropped the free “standard” Google Apps for Business option![1] Darn! You can’t use your own domain with the only free Gmail option that’s left. For 10 users it will cost $500/year! I make no money off this particular site. I can’t afford that! Maybe, hopefully, some day it will make some money, but it’s best to assume it never will.

So, now what should I use?

I need to send maybe 1000 emails per day. It’s not a “mailing list”. It’s not spam. These are alert emails that are sent in response to user activity, for account sign-up, password resets, etc. They are mostly sent from one email address, but I need several other email accounts for support and such.

Any ideas? Does Dreamhost have any options for me that would be significantly less than $50/year/user?



We are still looking into a few options but have no plan set in stone as of yet. Our suggestion at this point will be to use the DH mail. For any further questions or any needed support please click here to send our support Dream Team ticket.

Matt C

Yes, why not using Dreamhost Email ?

The maximum is 200 messages / hour, right ?

Yes, there is limit of 200 emails per hour in DreamHost email.

DH’s limits are OK. The problem is so many emails are blocked as spam. I talked to several mail services.

Juno said:

“Mail from the IP [] was blocked because it triggered our anti-spam limits.”

Netzero said:

“Your IP [] has been blocked because mails are being sent to invalid email addresses from this IP. These blocks are placed by our automated setup and will repeat if the situation recurs.
To prevent your IP from getting blocked, please remove all invalid addresses from your list by tracking the mail delivery failures containing the error message “User unknown/Invalid User”.”

These blocks were not my fault. It was others using my DH mail server, apparently. This has been going on for years and years with several DH hosted sites. It’s nothing new. It’s no surprise. For mail that I send manually, I use my personal ISP’s SMTP server, and almost everything goes though. When I use the exact same mail client but DH’s SMTP, it’s blocked much more often. Not always. It’s sporadic. Most mail with get though. That’s why I think the only solution is to use a different SMTP server like Gmail. But, now I can’t use Gmail with my own domain without paying. So, I was curious about other options.