SMTP server blocklist/blacklist

I am considering moving my hosting to DH but I have a concern about some of the post I have read about SMTP servers being blacklisted. Can someone speak to this issue. Mail is a big part of the reason I am moving.

My current host has a daily limit of 250 relays a day. I found where DH is 100 an hour so I am feeling better about that but if the recipient does not accept the message because of the host I am using then it really does not matter.

Gmail as a client is not an option. My customers want to use Outlook as there mail client.

Thank you for your time and any response is welcome.

Low cost web hosting and email service are really two different things. I don’t know of a web host that does a stellar job at email, and vice versa, most services that offer business class email don’t offer web hosting or do so on a very limited basis. Things change when you reach the enterprise level of hosting (think Rackspace), but that’s not low cost web hosting.

The specific problem that low cost web hosts all face is that they attract those wishing to generate spam. That is how servers end up getting blacklisted.

As a dreamhost customer, there are multiple options for generating mail via a script. You can simply send email from the web server using php’s mail(). This is the email type that most often ends up getting blocked via an RBL. The second option is to have your dreamhost web server use SMTP to originate your email from your dreamhost email server. This method gets RBL’d less often, however dreamhost doesn’t offer what I would consider business class email. Another option appears to be using a VPS or dedicated server at dreamhost for which SMTP Quota’s don’t seem to exist. This is likely because if you get RBL’d for your actions it’s only going to effect your VPS or DS, and not other customers.

Be sure to include a valid “From:” header with your script generated email. Email must be sent “from” your domain, spoofing is not allowed.

I’ve all but stopped using dreamhost for email. I changed my primary email to a 3rd party several years ago. Yes it costs $4 USD/user to do that, however my overall monthly cost is still extremely low. I’ve expanded on that option in other posts in this forum, but it’s a MS Exchange server which happens to work best with Outlook, and I can still use my dreamhost web server to send SMTP email via the 3rd party Exchange server.

Thanks for the reply. If you don’t mind what email host are you using?

See this post. The only thing I missed in that post is you can also configure multiple domains for your account.

Thanks I am looking into that right now.