SMTP Relaying issue

I sent this question off to support but figured I’d ask here as well.

Does Dreamhost allow SMTP relaying? I’ve setup exim4’s smarthost capabilities in the past with other providers and haven’t had any issues. With Dreamhost I always get relaying access denied. I’ve set up /etc/exim4/passwd.client with the relevant info SMTP auth.

Anyone else set this up (assuming it’s possible)? I’m running Debian (Sid) if it matters.

Sure, as long as you’re authenticating correctly. You’ll need to use LOGIN or PLAIN auth. Also, make sure you’re using the right machine as a smarthost - you wouldn’t want to use “” - use “”, and make sure Exim isn’t looking up the MX for that, but is sending to the A records for (in Postfix, you have to put brackets around the hostname or something to do this).

Unfortunately, while I can promise this will work if you set it up right, this isn’t something we can provide support for.

Have you looked in your mail logs yet? The answers are probably there.

Got it working. I guess Dreamhost’s mailservers don’t support TLS? I had to change the auth to allow sending plaintext without an encrypted session in order for it to work.