SMTP queue system?

I’m considering implementing an email notification system for one of my sites. The idea is to send, weekly, an email to the users who opt-in. This isn’t SPAM at all; the users must register with the site and then opt-in. This email will be personalized, so unique for each user. The problem is the smtp quota system. While I don’t expect to run into the limit initially, it’s likely that I will after some time.

So, what’s the best way to handle this? Is there a queue system for emails like this, or a standard way to handle this problem? Reading the docs and previous messages I only found an answer if the emails were all identical.

Anyway had this problem and solved it, or should I notify dreamhost directly and ask them?

I’d suggest you set up a queue so you only send out 200 E-mails an hour (or whatever the limit is). There’s no built in system to queue the E-mails at DH, but you can probably implement it into your site easily enough. I know several of the discussion list type programs have such features (am drawing a blank on the name of the popular one I played around with)

Also, the DH discussion list is somewhat customizable by putting in the names and a few other variables - but I assume you are talking more personalized than that?

–Matttail - personal website