I’m considering moving a couple domains to Dreamhost. Looking over their services and knowledge base, I’m pretty impressed with what I see. My only concern is that, while SSL/TLS is available for both IMAP and POP3 (one of my requirements), it’s not available for SMTP (another requrement). Because Dreamhost otherwise seems to promote security/encryption wherever possible (eg, the aforementioned IMAP and POP3, plus SSH, SFTP, etc), this seems a particularly glaring omission. Is there a reason for this? And more importantly, are there any plans to change this in the near future?

It has been submitted as a suggestion to Dreamhost, no idea if they plan to add it though. Just shoot them an e-mail and see if they have any plans to add it. I’d for one would love to see SMTP SSL support. :slight_smile:

The current, official word is, “We do NOT currently support secure SMTP (although we do support SSL IMAP and POP).” Though, once you sign up, you can cast your vote for the suggestion that wjd mentioned.

Another vote for SMTP over SSL