Smtp issues

Anyone else unnable to send mail? It is timing out for me, incoming is fine.

SMTP is located on the web-server and not the e-mail server cluster.

So contact support. :slight_smile:
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Outbound email is actually handled by the email servers just like inbound email.

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I have had continued SMTP outages. My SMTP server is murdock, which is used by three different accounts:,, and I can’t tell what kind of error it is, but the net effect is that every day or two it doesn’t accept outgoing mail for a while. This has been going on since I moved to DH in July.

There was a note in the forum a month or so ago that the servers were overloaded, and that this would be fixed soon. Soon is come and gone. When can we expect this problem to be resolved?

I am also on Murdock. I did have a couple of outgoing mail issues yesterday, each for about 5 minutes where I couldn’t get mail to send, and receiving was whopping slow.

But, it is okay at the moment…at least for me.

Since that thread you referenced we have added 4 more servers and have made other optimizations to the system. When you say ‘a while’ how long do you mean? A minute? 10 minutes? An hour?

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I honestly don’t know how long it’s out for. When it happens, Apple Mail offers to use a different SMTP server, and I choose to switch to Comcast’s. This choice sticks until I restart Mail, so the failure could be a single rejection and I wouldn’t know.

This problem also happens frequently to people at my church, whom I moved to DH for web and mail. They’ve complaining to me about their frustration with this about once a week for the last couple of months. They’re on the same SMTP server.

Contrast this to Pair, where we were before. SMTP failures never once happened in the four years we used them.

I could put a logger on my mail client to see exactly what happens when I get a SMTP failure. Would that be useful, or do you already log SMTP failures?

update: things started working again for me yesterday afternoon after an hour or two, (I was busy working on other things). We have been seeing the “queue file write error” on sending for a while, but usually if you try a second time it works. During the problem yesterday afternoon it was just timing out before reaching the server.

and wjd- please shut up. The first thing I did was contact support. I came here because you can usually tell if others are having problems by the large number of posts constantly appearing.

I am also on Murdock, for E-mail, and while I’ve never noticed a problem I don’t send out that much E-mail. I did check with some of the other people who use accounts there, and every once in a while - perhaps once every two weeks they’ll try and send and E-mail and they’ll get an error message. By the time they get the E-mail opend up and send it again it goes through just fine.

Apparently this isn’t new, but beucase it happens so infrequently and when they re-send it works - it’s been effectivly a non-issue for them.


FWIW, here Murdock has been giving occasional “Temporary loookup failure” and “Queue error” errors for the last few months, and Support say this is due for a fix, but no total outages like yours.