SMTP from Gmail to DH

I currently have mail forwarded to I would like to set Gmail up so that it sends outgoing mail through DH’s servers instead of Gmail. So I tell Gmail to send outgoing mail through However, I can’t figure out what to set for username and password to authenticate. Help?

Probably what you are really looking for is how to set up to use gmail as its email service.

This should help:

Actually, no. I just want the mail to be forwarded to my Gmail account, and for outgoing mail to be relayed through DH.

This might help:

I found by googling “gmail alternate smtp server”[hr]
When you set it up on the google side the server name would be
and dreamhost’s smtp servers do require authentication.

I finally got it to work by setting it to SSL instead of TLS and using ‘’ as the username.

This was helpful explaining SSL vs. TLS: