SMTP Connection errors

I have been running phpmailer on my site for quite sometime without any problems. I’ve authenticated through ssl and a gmail account. As of last night, I started getting error messages saying I am unable to connect to the host:
SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)
SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

From what I can tell, there is no issue with gmail. Is it possible DH is blocking traffic via port 465?

Below is my basic smtpmailer function that has been working without problems.

	function smtpmailer($to, $from, $from_name, $subject, $body) {   
        global $error;  
        $mail = new PHPMailer();  // create a new object  
        $mail->IsSMTP(); // enable SMTP  
        $mail->SMTPDebug = 1;  // debugging: 1 = errors and messages, 2 = messages only  
        $mail->SMTPAuth = true;  // authentication enabled  
        $mail->SMTPSecure = 'ssl'; // secure transfer enabled REQUIRED for Gmail  
        $mail->Host = '';  
        $mail->Port = 465;   
        $mail->Username = GUSER;    
        $mail->Password = GPWD;             
        $mail->SetFrom($from, $from_name);  
        $mail->Subject = $subject;  
        $mail->Body = $body;  
        if(!$mail->Send()) {  
            $error = 'Mail error: '.$mail->ErrorInfo;   
            echo false;  
        } else {  
            $error = 'Message sent!';  
            echo "true";