SMTP 'Client Host Rejected' from DH Script

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Not a programming issue per se, so my apologies if this belongs in another category.

I am trying to send e-mails from a php script via MX for my DH hosted domain. However, I keep getting a SMTP 554 ‘Client host rejected: Access denied’ if my request originates from a DH box. Is this a policy issue or am I doing something wrong here (see config below)?




mail.transport.type = smtp = []
mail.transport.auth = login
mail.transport.username = []
mail.transport.password = [psst! don’t tell anyone]
mail.transport.port = 587
mail.transport.ssl = tls



your trying to hard… mail() will work without setting any of that up…


Got distracted by more pressing issues, so apologies for my delayed response. I agree that using sendmail a.k.a mail() as the default transport agent works well enough (this is Zend_Mail, by the way). However, I noticed that most of my messages become spam filter fodder w/o a matching return path. This is why I would prefer sending them through ‘my’ DH gateway. Turns out that setting a custom return path for Zend_Mail_Transport_Sendmail will do the trick, so I’m good for now.

Still leaves the question why SMTP from a DH box doesn’t work? Anyone?

Bests, Mike