SMS messages through AOL

I currently have a means to text message the cell phones of myself and my girlfriend using an online form ( It does a form POST to a page on AT&T Wireless (our provider).

AOL Instant Messenger has a means of forwarding a text message through its service. I’d like to change my form from using AT&T’s form to using AOL IM. I’ve used various Perl modules in the past that will allow you sign a “robot” on AIM and it would be fairly simple to change this into a robot that will sign on, send the text message and sign right back off.

My question(s) is/are: does anyone see any problems with this? I’d like the robot to be on my server and handle the text messages it receives through a form. Would signing an aol robot on and off be too much stress on a server? Does anyone know of any better way to send text messages to a cell phone?

Many thanks,

John J Reiser
newrisedesigns dot com