SMF (Simple Machines Forum) runs slow on here

Runs good on my other host…but I like the tech support and price/space/bandwidth you guys offer

I ran a status and got some errors…but no ideas how to fix them

Any ideas

Heres the status

well, your status page isn’t a list of errors so much as what the server is. I glanced over it and all the things I saw were settings you have no control over. Is the site still slow, or has the problem passed? Also do you have anythign else on your site to compare to? As in is it just SMF that’s slow or everything on your site?

You might also check the load on your server. You’ll have to log in via SSH (see the wiki article if you need help) and type “uptime”. That will tell you how long your server has been up and the load adverage. If the number is uder 2 that’s great. If it’s under 5 it’s on the line, and probably ok. If it’s higher than that, and is maintains it for a while then you should contact support and ask them to help you out.

–Matttail - personal website

It says

15:12:53 up 11 days, 2:27, 1 user, load average: 0.74, 0.92, 1.10

So it says its good according to your numbers.

Its not a constant thing but happens a lot. I haven’t tried it in days cause its such a pain to transfer all the new stuff over and update the forum from the one we’re currently using.

The site loads really fast except database related things. Gallery runs kinda slow but bearable. That might just be that its so image intensive though.

I have no idea

well, when you gave the uptime command your server definatly wasn’t under any heavy load (the three numbers represnet the server load 5, 10 and 15 min ago). But that doesn’t mean that your database server or connection isn’t slow. I’m not sure what else to sigugest. You might go ahead and contact support and see what they have to say.

–Matttail - personal website