SMF Forum MySQL errors


I’m running SMF, the Simple Machines Forum. Every 3-5 days I get an email from the software with the following:

SMF Database Error! There has been a problem with the database! This is a notice email to let you know that SMF could not connect to the database, contact your host if this continues.My forum is almost never used anymore as I’ve changed how I do some of my business. There might be a couple people checking the forum each week, maybe just through RSS. Or some bot might be visiting once in a while. But I’d like to understand what’s causing such frequent errors.

In the SMF forum they say this is a server error, check the logs. I have a problem believing only one application is reporting errors that are occurring every few days - and I don’t see people complaining here about frequent MySQL issues.

But playing the game… would the MySQL error.log show errors which could prompt this message to be sent? Where are these logs for our individual accounts/databases? Where else can I check?

Any other ideas?



Support can check the logs for you.

I’d look at the SMF config - maybe change the dbhostname to another alias as a test.

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