SMF cannot validate referring url, session timeout

I don’t know what DH has been doing with PHP recently, but I’m beginning to think this has something to do with it.

I am trying to run SMF 1.1.2 and only recently I am having problems going into the admin panels, getting “cannot verify the refferring url, please go back and try again.” but its not a referring url issue. I have even tried using a firefox extension that forces any referring url you choose, including the site root. No change.

I uninsttalled and reinstalled fresh, with no changes from default, and only 1 admin user. I get the same thing. I’m also experiencing a lot of session timeout errors when posting. Not only on my board but on other SMF boards. I cant even post to the official SMF support forum! No I don’t blame DH for that, but I still think it may be a php server issue, that could be the same thing as a change over here? Either way, is anyone else having a problem like this or know any solution at all? I can’t use smf forum s/w at all now, and wanted to integrate it with Joomla and Gallery2 :frowning:

Oh and yes I’ve deleted all my cookies and all my temporary internet files in windows, even changed the cookie name for SMF and never fixed either problem that way.



Is this related to this

Other than that, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support. It does not look like a problem in our side.

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Im having other problems now, and just found out that DH upgraded to PHP 5.x on Feb 19. What can I do about this? I think a whole lot of things are broken for a lot of people.

I upgrade all my sites to PHP5 before DH (It’s an option under Domain Mgt).

Druapl, activeCollab, eTicket (osTicket) all running fine.



Well it turns out that many things, including SMF, do not function properly or sometimes at all with some versions of php5.x. I do see DH offers the choice of 4.x or 5.x, thank God. But keep this in mind if something you have doesnt work.