SMB Mounting

Using Windows XP, I would like to map my website folder to a local drive. I can mount my disk very easily using OSX 10.3.7, but Windows XP is giving me trouble.

The only post I could find on this topic said that I need to enable SMB Mounting on the desired username. I can’t find that option in the web panel.

When I try to mount \\username I get a message that states the network path cannot be found.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject?



SMB (ie, Windows file sharing) is not recommended for use over the open internet. Additionally, it would require that DH have Samba installed and running on their web servers, which is highly unlikely in a production internet server environment.

You probably want to look into WebDAV, which will do what you want.

I am not a fan of DAV. I have used SMB on many production webservers in a few different companies.

Without reasons why I should or should not do it, the question is, can I? It sounded to me like some people were getting it to work.

Also, what allows my Mac to mount my home directory as a local disk?


I stand at least partially corrected. Samba is running on gap, surprisingly. It’s not accessible from outside though, I was only able to connect from localhost.

I’d guess your Mac is either using FTP or DAV. What procedure do you use to mount your home directory? The only way I’ve ever mounted shares in OS X is using the Cmd-K/‘Connect to Server’ dialog, where you have to prefix the hostname with a protocol (eg, afp://, smb://, etc).

I don’t have WebDAV configured on my DH account and I assume that FTP would not be so flexible.

I use “Connect to Server” and can either use my server or my domain name (without the www).

I do not use any protocol prefix.

I get a message that I cam connecting to file server peon0670. I type in my username and password and it asks me which volume to mount. I only have one choice “Home Directory”

I then use my home directory like any other drive.


The posts you’re reading are out of date. Samba used to be supported, but they removed that feature because of security concens. Discussed here. (Sounds like you still might be able to get it to work with VPN access, which is on the higher-end plans.)

That works for me too. Interesting.

Upon investigation, it seems we’re using AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) via Netatalk. That’s… unexpected, to say the least. I can honestly say I have never heard of a web hosting company offering AFP access before (I’ve never heard of one offering SMB before either, but AFP is much more unusual, as it benefits such a small percentage of the user base).

Anyway, that explains why you can’t do it from Windows.

Well, I do all of my major development on a Mac, so I am one of the happy few!!!

Too bad about Windows access, FTP and WebDAV are both inadequate.

Thanks for the help.


I use FTP with FTP Disks in Interarchy. Almost as good as SMB, probably a little better in some ways.


I’m using a Mac (OS X 10.3.5) and when I try to connect to my DH server ( I get a “Can’t find on network” error. But when I put in your DH server “” it brings the login window right up (though of course without the correct PW I can’t get in). Do you have VPN or some other service enabled? Or perhaps it s something else about that particular DH server?

Anyone else able to login by the same means using OS X?

This would be VERY convenient if it is something I can get working on my server too.



I just checked with a different DH server “” and it seems to work fine via OS X… so it must be something about how I’ve configured MY DH server that is preventing this for me. sigh