Smarty issues on dreamhost

Ok, I’m trying to set up Smarty on my dreamhost account. For some reason, it can’t create the compiled files correctly. Instead of generating what it’s looking for (Files like “%.^2E7^2E76A97E%%index.tpl.php”), it seems to be generating files named “wrt(random string)”, i.e. wrtZ08iWC. This causes open_basedir restriction errors since Smarty isn’t trying to load things with real_path(). Has anyone else had this problem?

Ok, fixed my own problem. PHP wasn’t running as CGI, so smarty files were getting created as dhapache @ 600 permissions. The files couldn’t get renamed properly, which is why they were stuck with the wrt prefix (you can see this in the core_write library in Smarty) instead of being what they should.

So, if you Smarty, remember to turn on PHP as CGI!

I suggest you don’t run PHP as CGI… Ever again.

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??? About half the scripts I install don’t seem to run any other way. Could you elaborate?

I am getting the wrt files as well as the %%filenames I’m supposed to have in the compiled templates folder and my PHP is already set to run as CGI. Right now I have 140 files and I can’t delete them. I’ve already tried changing permissions via ftp - doesn’t work. I’ve used $smarty->clear_compiled_tpl() - doesn’t work. Is there anyone out there using Smarty that can help? Or at least tell me how I can delete the files via shell?