Smarty install

I’ve followed the Smarty install instructions here

In part of it it says to

[quote]$> chown nobody:nobody smarty/templates_c
$> chown nobody:nobody smarty/cache[/quote]
But when i do that i get an error

[quote][mona]$ chown midnighttempest:midnighttempest smarty/templates_c
chown: `midnighttempest:midnighttempest’: invalid group[/quote]
Is there another way of doing that step or is it not needed here?

You shouldn’t need to chown to nobody. If you can traverse the directory via a browser there are other ways to stop browsing those particular folders (the simplest being creating a blank index.html file in them).

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I guess i can use a .htaccess file to hide the two folders used by smarty. I’m alright with denying access to files but not sure how to deny access to folders.