Smart Thumbs

I want to install Smart Thumbs by , but i get warning that Register Globals are off and Output Buffering = 4096

RG must be turned on and Output Buffering must be turned off.
So i decided to install custom compiled PHP 5, using instructions in wiki

in the end i have added the strings
AddHandler phpFive .php
Action phpFive /cgi-bin/php.cgi
to .htaccess, and now the install doesnt want to proceed

have a look

i need to solve it somehow, anyone could give a tip or help ?

also, did anyone tried to install ATX Extreme by Arrow Scripts ?

I really, really, STRONGLY suggest finding another script that can do what you want, without requiring Register Globals on.
It’s a major security hole if left on.
In my opinion, whoever wrote that script is either too lazy to update it to not require RG, or they simply don’t care about their customers.

However, from what I understand, you can change over to PHP4 (from your DH panel) which has Register Globals enabled.

That said, judging from the garbled output of your install.php file, it looks like Zend Optimizer is not enabled.
You might actually consider trying this:
(which is what the site recommends) to make sure things are setup properly.
You could also create a phpinfo.php file, with the following content to check your PHP5 install’s setup:

My guess is that your PHP5 install is not configured properly. But I could be wrong.

thanks for your help!
Zend optimizer is not installed, true

and RG is an optional, not nessesary for script to run properly, it just enables the function of image uploads for users.

What i care about is Output Buffering, that must be turned off.

I logged to to dl the version of Zend Optimizer, but i’m not sure what version to install ? It seems that they don’t have Debian v.

All they have is

AIX 5.1
Darwin 8.6 Universal
FreeBSD x86 5.x
FreeBSD x86 6.x
Linux x86
Linux x86-64
OpenBSD x86
Solaris Sparc x64
Solaris Sparc 8,9,10
Solaris x86 9,10
Windows x86

And is there any instructions on how to install zend optimizer for dummies ? I haven’t find anything in DH wiki/