Smart thumbs installation

Can someone help me pleeeeease!

I have been trying to download Smart Thumbs and after I have downloaded and installed the install.php file per the installation instructions I get an error message saying "cannot create admin directory"
I have retraced my steps and have done everything the installation directions has asked me too and repeatedly I get this error message!
Does anyone know what I could possibly be doing, or not doing, to generate this error message and most importantly how can I fix it to complete the installation process?

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not familiar with the script, but I’d be checking the permissions required on the files you uploaded (chmod).

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Did you get it installed?
I have it running on DH, let me know if you still need help.
You will need to configure php.ini and the info is here

I am still haveing trouble installing this software. I have followed the instructions as stated by the script and I’m still getting an error: "Cannot create admin directory."
This is what I’m doing step by step:

  1. creat the mysql database name, mysql username and mysql password

2)create a directory called “st” underneath your web root directory

3)made sure the permissions of this directory are chmodded to 777

4)downloaded the installer file install.php and saved it under the “st” directory.

5)started the installer from my internet browser, clicked on the link which says “Click here to download installation files”. and downloaded the installation files.

  1. after i downloaded the installation files i get this msg “files successfully downloaded START INSTALLATION”

7)this is the final step in which i can’t proceed any firther because i get this error msg: “Cannot create admin directory”

can you tell me what i am doing wrong. i tried doing this installation a thousand times and it may be some minute that i am overlooking or not doing. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

the required permissions have been chmoded correctly (777)
i have no idea what else it could be.

You will install php.ini from the root directory not the st folder. When you are done with php.ini you will have a new folder named cgi-bin in the root. If this is not the case now, try deleting what you have done and follow the alternate non-shell method further down on the same page.