Sluggish Wordpress site on VPS

Hi all

I recently moved my Wordpress site over from another host back to Dreamhost VPS however I have noticed that it is running really slowly, and I seem to get a lot of notifications to my email via Jetpack telling me that the site is down for between 2 and 20 minutes at a time.

Has anyone else had these problems? and if so it would be great if you could help set me on the right path to turning my flip flop of a site into a fully working fast responding site.

I have even tried using Google page speed insights and every time it gets to about 80% complete while analysing and then gives me the following message “Timeout while fetching the main resource. Ensure that the page loads in a browser and try again.” Yet when I try viewing the site in my browser it is available it just seems to take a long time for each page request

Any help would be appreciated.

Try running your site through a website speed test ( to see if it is trying to load any large resources. Also, check the console (F12) to see if it’s trying to load any non-existent resources.

Thanks Kjodle I will do just that :slight_smile: many thanks

Any update on the VPS issues? Were you able to solve the downtimes and sluggishness you were experiencing?

Partly, I’ve been using and Google pagespeed insights to ascertain what is slowing the loading down but the main thing was the fact that I was using a plugin to display latest instagram posts which was really laggy. removing that improved things immensely

Go to the datacenters page and make sure that all of your services are in the same datacenter, and request a move if they aren’t. All of their SSD hardware is in one location, so sometimes a DC split occurs when someone upgrades to VPS.